Stump Grinding and Removal


Stump Grinding

We professionally remove and or grind tree stumps and roots to clear your area as desired. You should remove all tree stumps otherwise you they can attract termites and other pest as well as avoiding anyone getting hurt due to one.
We have vast experience in stump grinding and cleaning up the results. Don't put it out any longer we are the best in service and price call us now 401-651-7531.

  • Removal of tree stumps and roots
  • tree stump grinding

Why Remove Tree Stumps?

Tree stumps and roots are more than just an eyesore, they can attract termites and other pests and even pose safety hazards. When tree stumps are allowed to stand they will often grow new roots, making their future removal even more difficult. We professionally remove stumps and roots and clean up the results. Our team has years of experience in grinding stumps and our services will make your yard safer and more attractive. The longer stump removal is put off, the worse the problem becomes - our team offers top quality service for the best prices, why wait anymore?

Schedule a tree stump grinding service immediately to improve the appearance and safety of your property today at 401-651-7531.


  • Real professionals. They have all the necessary equipment handle every stump job and provide quality service. I am glad they are around to make our yard safe every spring before my grandchildren visit.

    Carolyn H.

    Thompson, CT 06245

Our Stump Grinding Service

Had stump grinded and ground leveled and the folks at BC property maintenance were personable and professional.

Michael Goodman

Pomfret, CT 06230